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Entry to the hotel. Hyatt Regency is a landmark property visible from far away. Even the flyover near it is referred to as the “Hyatt flyover”. Like an Emperor of yore, the hotel just stands majestically without anything to announce it’s presence.You simply drive up to the lobby and enter it. Why are you in this hotel in this city? I was...
Entry to the hotel. Hyatt Regency invites you in with a long entryway, adorned with lush greenery. The hotel has multiple floors minus driving directions. The Driveway leads you to a lower lobby which is used for events while ramp up ends in the main lobby . Why are you in this hotel in this city? I was stuck in Delhi for...
Hyatt Place Gurgaon
Entry to the hotel. This is the hotel of Hyatt that nobody relatively knows about until you ask someone to Google and find out the hotel for you. The building is so bland that it really appears like a normal building from far. I drove into a small lobby of the hotel. I saw this half old car built into...
Grand Hyatt Mumbai
Entry to the hotel Finding the hotel’s entrance is hard but once you find it, it is a grand entry to the grand hotel lobby. Once you enter the hotel you can’t help but marvel at how huge and opulent the hotel is. It is sheer audacity to build a behemoth of this scale which is luxurious from every corner. Only...

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